Jaw Crusher Manufacturers In India

Jaw Crusher Manufacturers In India

Introduction to Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher is a high-quality crusher suitable for river pebble, basalt, limestone, calcite, quartz stone, iron ore, gold ore, etc. It is widely used in metallurgy, sand making, power plant desulfurization, dry mortar and other fields. It has the characteristics of simple structure, energy saving and high efficiency, reliable quality, environmental protection, high production and consumption reduction, and it is an irreplaceable important position in the industry.

Jaw Crusher specifications and models are various, each type of equipment power, impeller speed, processing capacity, etc., the economic benefits created by customers will be very different, customers should choose the right model when purchasing equipment, In order to have a more substantial profit generation, what are the Jaw Crusher models? How to choose? The following will be an analysis for everyone.

Jaw Crusher Model Introduction

A&C has produced the “PEW” series of Jaw Crushers, which are available in a variety of models for customers with different needs. The following is a description of their parameters:

1. PEW-06: The large feed is 35mm, the power is 37-55Kw, the impeller speed is 2000-3000r/min, the total weight is 5600Kg, and the processing capacity is about 12-30t/h;

2, PEW-07: large feed is 45mm, power is 55-75Kw, impeller speed is 1500-2500r/min, total weight is 7600Kg, processing capacity is about 22-55t/h;

3, PEW-09: large feed is 50mm, power is 110-150Kw, impeller speed is 1200-2000r/min, total weight is 12600Kg, processing capacity is about 55-100t/h;

4. PEW-10: The large feed is 60mm, the power is 150-180Kw, the impeller speed is 1000-1700r/min, the total weight is 17300Kg, and the processing capacity is about 100-160t/h.

Jaw Crusher buying tips

The Jaw Crusher suppliers in the market are distributed in various provinces in the country. Each supplier has different strengths and technical levels. The quality and price of the equipment provided are also different. So how should investors choose? What are the buying skills, the following is a brief introduction:

1. Look at the supplier: First of all, the customer should choose a large-scale strength enterprise, so as to ensure the quality of the equipment is better, the facilities are more complete, and the purchase process is more assured.

2, look at the equipment: the quality and performance of the equipment is a major point for customers to consider, to choose high-quality equipment, and at the same time realistically choose a more appropriate model, so as not to be too large or too small will affect its normal use;

3. Look at the service: The pre-sales and after-sales service of the supplier is also one of the preconditions for the investor to purchase the equipment. Only when the service is guaranteed can the problem of later use of the equipment be solved more promptly and quickly, and the customer can create more profits;

4, look at the price: the price of Jaw Crusher is a necessary factor for customers to consider, under the premise of quality, service, etc., try to choose low-cost equipment, and save investment costs.

As a professional Jaw Crusher supplier, A&C has strong strength and good reputation. The equipment provided by you is reliable, excellent service and economical. In addition, experienced technical engineers will select you. The right equipment model guarantees your high satisfaction! A&C Jaw Crusher has achieved energy-saving production in many fields.

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